"The sea is to dolphins much as the air is to birds—it is a three-dimensional environment, where they can move up and down and side to side. But dolphins don’t stop to perch. They never come to shore. Dolphins are always swimming, even when they "sleep." They are always aware, and always moving.

Understanding this, it is difficult to imagine the tragedy of life in captivity for these ocean creatures.”-HSUS

this fucking breaks my heart i hate that i cant do more than what i already do which is sign petitions constantly and write to places like seaworld etc but i mean films like blackfish have been released and the cove and still this shit is happening so yeah. just breaks my heart :( ugh 

The girl of the hour🔮⭐️

The girl of the hour🔮⭐️



I’m having a raw gems moment. Oh me oh my.

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Nature is amazing.